giovedì, 9 Giugno 2016

Since 2006 DrogArt is part of the EWS and performs drug checking in Slovenia.

There is an info point, in Ljubljana where users can bring their sample and get it analysed.

At first users are asked to fill in a questionnarie, composed of two sections: a general part, where the person is asked to tell information about the sample, and a second part where there are questions about the personal use of drugs and harm reduction strategies. After the substance is tested with colorimetric reagents and users are provided with a counselling (motivational interview) on harm reduction and about a recognition of risky behaviours.

DC SLO scheme

If users report unexpected or side effects taking the substance or colorimetric tests does not confirm the presence of the supposed substance, the sample is sent to the National Forensic Laboratory, that can analyse the compound with the GC-MS. In big parties users can buy colorimetric reagents (EZ test) directly at the info-stand of DrogArt (http://www.drogart.org/vsebine/2446/osnovne-informacije.html).