Drug checking results


venerdì, 10 Gennaio 2020

The sample is subjected to analysis with RAMAN Spectroscopy and the result is:


The sample is analyzed with GC-MS and the result is:

MDMA 413.3 mg

The amount of MDMA inside the tablet is very high! The sample contains a higher MDMA dosage compared to other analyzes carried out in this period. If taken whole, this tablet can be lethal! We recommend keeping hydrated and avoiding hot and overcrowded places as there is a risk of malignant hyperthermia. Taking more than 120 mg of MDMA significantly increases risks and side effects.

It is recommended to start with ¼ of a tablet and after an hour evaluate the effects and evaluate if it is appropriate to take another.

MDMA can give nervous tics to the eyes, maxillary contractions (bruxism, commonly called “dismantling”) and, if taken at high dosages, it can cause seizures.

In the event of an overdose, body temperature increases considerably, with the risk of hyperthermia, and hallucinations may occur. The high purity of MDMA can “saw off the legs” and make the empathogenic effect prevail over the performing one (dancing all night).

In the days following the consumption of MDMA there may be depression, sleep disturbances, difficulty concentrating. Regular consumption of MDMA is neurotoxic and can cause permanent brain damage.


If there is no possibility to analyze the substance, take ½ dose, wait 2 hours and evaluate the effects: there are often circulating substances with unexpected active ingredients that can have a delayed effect.

Think carefully if it is really necessary to take subsequent doses.

Remember to drink soft drinks (alcohol dehydrates, not hydrates !!!), to occasionally take breaks in the fresh air and rest from the dances.

If you sniff, do not use common banknotes and / or hugs (risk of hepatitis and other diseases / infections) … better a clean piece of paper !!! Use a “blowjob for a row” and rinse the nostrils before and after snorting.

If it is the first time you have tried a substance, get information on it before taking it.


3,4-methylenedioxymethanphetamine (MDMA), known as “ecstasy”, is a phenethylamine and more specifically a methamphetamine which gives exciting and entactogenic effects; it can come in the form of powder, crystals or colored tablets with various logos and shapes; the latter generally contain other active ingredients (for example amphetamine).


Effects: By increasing serotonin, (regulates mood, sleep, pain, emotions, appetite and other behaviors), MDMA allows you to tune in to the other by stimulating intimacy and closeness; it also promotes contact with oneself by bringing back memories of childhood or showing life from a different angle, it allows you to feel light and carefree, with a widespread feeling of physical well-being. It is possible to feel charged and excited and at the same time deeply relaxed. Eyesight and hearing are impaired, hunger is not felt. The combination of MDMA with music and dance promotes commonality with the crowd and euphoria.

MDMA generally takes effect after 30-60 minutes but can take up to two hours to go up! While “rising” you can feel tension and uncertainty, sensations that will disappear at the moment of the full effect of the substance. The effects last for 3-5 hours.

After the effects, side effects may arise: headache, jaw spasms, cramps, tiredness, anxiety and depression. These are due to the release of large quantities of serotonin following a large deficiency of the same, at the moment of the “descent” of the substance.

After an average dose it can take more than a month before the neurochemical balance can be re-stabilized: it is good to let at least 4-6 weeks pass between one intake and another


Side effects: increased body temperature and blood pressure; in the days following the intake, depression, reduced ability to concentrate, insomnia, loss of appetite may arise.

Those who consume frequently can have mental problems and personality disorders: from irascibility and nervousness to more serious symptoms such as depressions, phobias and persecution manias.


Short and long term risks: increasing body temperature MDMA can lead to a high risk of dehydration and heat stroke (the person has a red and hot head, very hot skin, a strongly accelerated pulse, nausea and headache. It should be taken to a quiet place and in the fresh air, extended but with the head raised and not left alone. If the person is able to react, offer a vitamin or mineral drink but not food). After hours of dancing without drinking water, circulatory collapse can occur.

The consumption of ecstasy can, in very rare cases, be the cause of lethal damage to internal organs (acute or chronic liver failure and possible kidney damage); an overdose and the mix of drugs and / or alcohol can cause heart failure.

MDMA does not cause physical dependence but there is a risk of psychic addiction; MDMA can underestimate the risks of contracting sexually transmitted diseases: always use condoms!

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