lunedì, 22 Maggio 2017

Since February 2016, BAONPS project performed 18 outreach interventions in Italy

Drug checking is performed by using the TruNarc – RAMAN Spectroscopy. The instrument can identify the main substance contained in a sample by analysing the RAMAN spectra produced by the substance. The identification of the drug is due to the comparison of that RAMAN Spectra with those contained in the TruNarc internal library.

most of the samples analyzed were MDMA (29%) and ketamine (21%), confirming what the partygoers declared; an high number of samples didn’t confirm what declared (and believed) by the user: almost 1/3 (30%) turned out to be something else. So, it is possible to affirm that 1/3 of the users were going to take another substance, different from the expected, that could pose high risks for health.

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