Drug alerts


martedì, 6 Settembre 2016

On 28th May 2016 a client of the drug-checking service in Pisa submitted a sample for examination, initially thinking it  was a LSA blotter (white paper with a pink point in the middle of the blot)

A16005 -NBOMe The sample was analysed using RAMAN Spectrometry and the result was


The sample was submitted to a colorimetric test by Infoshock and LAB57. It was analysed with ERLICH, that gave NO result (there was no reaction).

The sample is was analysed with GC-MS and the result was

25B-NBOMe 1000µg (1mg)

25B-NBOMe is dangerous over 800µg (0.8mg)

Rapid information: 25B-NBOMe is a derivative of the substituted phenetylamine 2C-B; it is a substance that mimicks the effects of LSD. 25B-NBOMe can be recognised because of its bitter and/or metallic taste, while the LSD has no taste. 25B-NBOMe is a strong hallucinogenic substance and the trip can last until 16 hours. 25B-NBOMe IS A NEW PSYCHOACTIVE SUBSTANCE: there aren’t enough studies on it and there are no records on the use of this substance by man. In the USA 25B-NBOMe was identified as the cause of death for a 17-year-old boy. Due to these characteristics the substance appears as A HIGH-RISK DRUG WITH UNKNOWN AND POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS SIDE EFFECTS.