Drug alerts

WARNING!!!!! 4-FA INSTEAD OF SPEED (amphetamine)

martedì, 6 Settembre 2016

On 16th April 2016 a client of the drug-checking service near Turin submitted a sample for examination, initially thinking it  was 85% pure amphetamine (speed)  while it turned out to be composed of dry white powder.

The sample was submitted to a colorimetric test by Infoshock. It was analysed with MARQUIS, and the result was a ”pale pink” colour , and with MANDELIN, that gave an “olive green” colour result.

The sample was analysed using RAMAN Spectrometry and the result was


Rapid information: 4-FA is a phenethylamine that mimicks the effects of MDMA but is described by users as  something between MDMA and amphetamine/stimulants. It can last up to 12 hours. It isn’t advisable to sniff it because it causes burns in the oropharyngeal tract. If you want to take more than one dose, wait for the end of the effects of the first one and then don’t take more than half the quantity previously ingested. 4FA is a NEW PSYCHOACTIVE SUBSTANCE: there aren’t enough studies on it and there are no records on the use of this substance by man. Due to these characteristics the substance appears as A HIGH-RISK DRUG WITH UNKNOWN AND POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS SIDE EFFECTS.