venerdì, 7 Settembre 2018


SHIVA blotter – part of a bigger paint

On 17 – 18 June 2018, In a party at Feletto (Italyl – Piedmont Region), an alleged mescaline and psiIocybin blotter sold with the name of “shiva” was tested by Neutravel drug checking service.

The sample was tested with con RAMAN Spectometry  and the result turned out to be: INCONCLUSIVE

The sample was tested with Erlich reagent ut therewas no reaction.

The sample was sent in lab and analyzed with GC-MS and the result was:


DOC  + 25I – NBOMe + 25E – NBOMe or 25G-NBOMe

This blotter doesn’t contain mescaline and/or psilocybin but 3 different NPSs: DOC and two different types of NBOMe, the 25I-NBOMe and 25E-NBOMe or 25G-NBOMe (it was not possible to define if the second NBOMe was a 25E or a 25G because the molecules are very similar).

DOC can be defined as a “psychedelic amphetamine” and its effects are similar to those of LSD, but also like those of speed. It can be sold instead LSD, mescaline and psylocibyne but it can pose more risks: LSD never caused deaths while with DOC some people died.

The substances of the 25x-NBOMe serie are phenetylammines that mimic the psychedelic effects of LSD but they are more potent; the trip can last for more than 12 hours and, depending on the dose consumed, it is possible to have allucinations but also stimulant effects in the meanwhile. The 25x-NBOMe can be dangerous, especially at high dosage: from 2012 to 2014 some people died in USA and Europe and many intoxications were registered.

DOC and 25x-NBOMe ARE NEW PSYCHOACTIVE SUBSTANCES: there are not enough studies on them and there is no sufficient history on their human use.

For the reasons mentioned above, the substances detected in the Shiva blotter can be considered DRUGS WITH AN HIGH RISK OF UNKNOWN AND POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS SIDE EFFECTS.